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Going for a job interview is not something new unless it is your first job. Preparation is the key word here. When you are well-prepared, you will be able to astound the interviewers and make them feel you are the right fit for them, well at least a good impression to last even if you really do not get the job. Here are a few crucial pointers you will need to seriously look into prior and during an interview.

  • Need to take time to look poise and professional. Dress for success, that you must. Do not underestimate the power of colour matching on your whole attire. Always opt for conservative colors like white, black, gray, navy, tan or brown. Avoid all flashy and eye catching accessories. Tidy and neat appearance from head to toe help tremendously in giving a good and lasting impression. 
  • Smile - Smile is not just for the interviewers. This smile needs to hang on your face as you step off the train, bus or get out of your car. Everyone you meet, in the lift, front desk and all, extend that smile. A genuine smile always get you into a happy mode. Once that mode is on, your nervousness will disappeared and you can confidently carry yourself throughout the interview.
  • Do a research on the history of the company, current events relating to the company, know their people, their services and products.  
  • Be clear of the interview location where the office is. Understand the location map so you would not get lost  finding the place.  Try to be there earlier. Punctuality counts and being on time can be such a comfort to get you ready to meet the interviewers.
  • Prepare the anticipated questions that the interviewers may ask. Go through your answers a few times to be sure of yourself and being comfortable with those answers.
  • Know the job requirements from the given Job Description. If the industry is new to you, study and make some notes on certain relevant topics.
Mental note
  • Adopt a positive mind-set and the right attitude which brings in an upbeat energy, enthusiasm and confidence.
Having said all these, do remember to switch off your cell phone or put it in silent mode before you enter the interview room.
During the Interview
  • Professionalism starts by giving a solid handshake. Be conscious of your body language. Sit up right, calm and composed.
  • Be focused and engaged during the interview. Ask the appropriate questions and listen well at each questions. Seek for clarifications if you are unsure of the questions or information given.
  • If you do not know how to answer a question, don't linger. Just be frank and admit it.
  • Never bad mouth anyone or any of the previous companies that you have worked for.
  • If you need to take some notes, do ask the interviewers if you can do so. There is nothing wrong with notes taking in case you may forget some of the information given.

Once the interview is done, always thank the interviewers for their time and walk out of the room just as confidently as you have walked in. Follow up with the headhunters or even the HR personnel of the company you have been interviewed after one to two weeks.

Some interviews are not what you expected. You may be asked to prepare a presentation, write an essay or even do a test at the spur-of-the-moment. Whatever the situation may be, remember to remain calm and go with the flow.

Now you go for it!

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